XNA4Primitives3DEffect using Effect8384254945.zipTechniques
1. FlatShaded.fx – FlatShaded VS & PS
2. AmbientDiffuseSpecularVertexLighting.fx – AmbientVS & SimplePS
3. AmbientDiffuseSpecularVertexLighting.fx – AmbientDiffuseVS & SimplePS
4. AmbientDiffuseSpecularVertexLighting.fx – AmbientDiffuseSpecularVS & SimplePS
5. PerPixelLighting.fx – PerPixelDiffuseVS & DiffuseOnlyPS
    – PerPixelDiffuseVS : Position, WorldNormal, WorldPosition
    – DiffuseOnlyPS : ambient+diffuse (per pixel)
6. PerPixelLighting.fx – PerPixelDiffuseVS & PhongPS
    – PerVertexDiffuseVS : Position, WorldNormal, WorldPosition, Color (ambient+diffuse per vertex)
    – DiffuseOnlyPS : color(ambient+diffuse)를 받아서 specular(per pixel)를 추가 (ambient+diffuse+specular)
7. PerPixelLighting.fx – PerPixelDiffuseVS & DiffuseAndPhongPS
    – PerPixelDiffuseVS : Position, WorldNormal, WorldPosition
    – DiffuseAndPhongPS : ambient+diffuse+specular (per pixel)

XNA Game Components & Services


XNA Components & Services to pass values of variables from 1 game component to another.

// add gamecomponents into the services
Components.Add(mInputManager = new InputManager(this));
Services.AddService(typeof(InputManager), mInputManager);
Components.Add(mDrawString = new DrawString(this));
Services.AddService(typeof(DrawString), mDrawString);

// getting the component back out from another component
InputManager input = (InputManager)Game.Services.GetService(typeof(InputManager));

XNA4 Game Asset Properties

사용자 삽입 이미지사용자 삽입 이미지Asset Name “AnimatedCube” – This is used to load the managed asset by using the ContentManager.Load method.

Content Importer “Autodesk FBX – XNA Framework” – The name of the importer for the related game asset. The list contains both custom importers referenced by the content project and standard importers provided by XNA Game Studio.

Content Processor “Animated Model Processor” – The name of the processor for the related game asset. The list contains both custom processors referenced by the content project and standard processors provided by XNA Game Studio.

XNA Standard Importers and Processors http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb447762.aspx

XNA Creating a Custom Importer and Processor http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb447754.aspx

XNA Content Pipeline Load Method


ContentManager.Load Generic Method

The type of asset to load. Model, Effect, SpriteFont, Texture, Texture2D, Texture3D and TextureCube are all supported by default by the standard Content Pipeline processor, but additional types may be loaded by extending the processor.

Before a ContentManager can load an asset, you need to add the asset to your game project using the steps described in Adding Game Assets to Your Game.

The following are the Content Pipeline run-time classes supported by Load and the file formats they are associated with.

Effect Class .fx
Model Class .fbx, .x
SpriteFont Class

.bmp, .spritefont, .dds, .dib, .hdr, .jpg, .pfm, .png, .ppm, and .tga

The default content processor for .bmp files is the texture processor. To process a .bmp file for use as a Sprite Font, click Sprite Font Texture – XNA Framework in the Properties pane for the .bmp file after it has been added to the project.
Texture Class, Texture2D Class .bmp, .dds, .dib, .hdr, .jpg, .pfm, .png, .ppm, and .tga
Texture3D Class, TextureCube Class .dds

Note that these are the formats of the original assets; after processing, all assets will be .xnb files.

Project Ideas

Group1-이민하, 유주희, 변양진
촛불지키는 게임  (사용자가 하늘에서 떨어지는 비 바람 등 각종 장애물을 막아서 촛불을 지킨다)

Group2-송태산, 김준구, 강상욱
사용자가 비행기타고 달리면서 장애물을 피하는 게임

Group3-조대희, 홍성현,정소진
총게임 (표적들이 왔다갔다하면 사용자가 제스쳐를 이용해서 과녁을 맞추고 총을 쏘는게임)

Group4-박찬솔, 이관주
디펜스게임 (1인칭시점으로 적이 다가오는 것을 사용자가 제스쳐로 활쏘기를 해서 적을 없애는 게임)

Group5-김낙훈, 이상호
하늘에서 내려오는 음식을 피하는 게임

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