Term Project Design Guideline

-Project Team (3/17)
    Project groups will form (3 or 5 students in each group)
Once a group is form, send me email
Groups will develop the distributed system app, necessary on your chosen topic.

-Project proposal & 5-min presentation (3/24)
    2-page long report of single-spaced, 10-point font (5%)

-Project Survey & Storyboarding (4/7)
    Survey at least 5 topics related to your group project
Storyboarding using brainstorming template

-Project progress report & presentation (4/21)
    10 minutes presentation (5%)
4-page long progress report for the project (5%)

-Project final report (6/16)
    Project implementation (5%)
10-20 minutes in-class presentation & demo (5%)
10-page long final report for the project will be in the style of a technical conference paper (5%)