Mobile Augmented Reality

Vuforia for Unity3D

Layar, worlds first mobile augmented reality browser on mobile

Wikitude AR Travel Guide

Metaio Augmented Vision

Nearest Tube Augmented Reality App for iPhone 3GS from acrossair

Sekai Camera

iBufferfly = AR + GIS + Motion Sensor + Coupon

Live Twitter Feed on an Augmented Reality Building

CES: Battling AR helicopter controlled by iPhone

AR! Pirates – Augmented Reality Mobile Game

ARhrrrr – An Augmented Reality Shooter

ARIS Mobile Media Learning Games

Kweekies – mobile augmented reality game by int13 (IMGAwards demo)

Mobile AR Cooking Game “PAN MASTER”

Mobile AR Networking Game “AR FIGHTER”

Tagdis: The Virtual graffiti game you play in the real world

Art of Defense: a Mobile AR Game with Sketch-Based Interaction and Dynamic Multi-Marker Building Techniques

Volcano Fever: a Mobile AR Game

Top 12 New Augmented Reality (AR) Games for Android & iOS 2018

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