Individual Assignment 3 (due by 10/25)

Fall 2010
Short-Paper Presentation (10 points)
Kyoung Shin Park
October 18, 2010

Individual assignment – “ISMAR2010 2-page poster” Presentation (10 points)
In this assignment you will be responsible for presenting an ISMAR2010 2-page poster paper, due by October 25th, 2010. 
-Present your assigned paper in the class on October 25th, 2010 (5-minute presentation & 5-minute discussion)

김그림 – Jinhyuk Choi, Youngsun Kim, Myonghee Lee, Gerard J. Kim, Yanghee Nam, Yongmoo Kwon, k-MART: Authoring Tool for Mixed Reality Contents, ISMAR2010, pp 219-220

김슬기 – Timo Engelke,Sabine Webel,Nirit Gavish, Generating Vision based Lego Augmented Reality Training and Evaluation Systems, ISMAR2010, pp 223-224

김승배 – V. Gay-Bellile, P. Lothe, S. Bourgeois, E. Royer, S. Naudet Collette, Augmented Reality in Large Environments: Application to Aided Navigation in Urban Context, ISMAR2010, pp 225-226

김영환 – Alex Hill, Blair MacIntyre, Maribeth Gandy, Brian Davidson, Hafez Rouzati, KHARMA: An Open KML/HTML Architecture for Mobile Augmented Reality Applications, ISMAR2010, pp 233-234

김재준 – Sungjae Hwang, Hyungeun Jo, Jung-hee Ryu, EXMAR: EXpanded view of Mobile Augmented Reality, ISMAR2010, pp 235-236

김지훈 – Ginga Kamei, Takeshi Matsuyama, Ken-ichi Okada, Augmentation of Check in/out Model for Remote Collaboration with Mixed Reality, ISMAR2010, pp 243-244

문지해 – Eray Molla, Vincent Lepetit, Augmented Reality for Board Games ISMAR2010, pp 253-254

민재홍 – Fumio Okura, Masayuki Kanbara, Naokazu Yokoya, Augmented Telepresence Using Autopilot Airship and Omni-directional Camera, ISMAR2010, pp 259-260

방용식 – Joonsuk Park, Jun Park, 3DOF Tracking Accuracy Improvement for Outdoor Augmented Reality, ISMAR2010, pp 263-264

서기영 – Jun Shingu, Eleanor Rieffel, Don Kimber, Jim Vaughan, Pernilla Qvarfordt, Kathleen Tuite, Camera Pose Navigation using Augmented Reality, ISMAR2010, pp 271-272

유주희 – Mengu Sukan, Steven Feiner, SnapAR: Storing Snapshots for Quick Viewpoint Switching in Hand-Held Augmented Reality, ISMAR2010, pp 273-274

이준호 – Dong Wei, Steven Zhiying Zhou, Du Xie, MTMR: A Conceptual Interior Design Framework Integrating Mixed Reality with the Multi-Touch Tabletop Interface, ISMAR2010, pp 279-280

장현철 – Nobuyoshi Yabuki, Kyoko Miyashita, Tomohiro Fukuda, AR-based Visibility Evaluation for Preserving Landscapes of Historical Buildings, ISMAR2010, pp 281-282

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