Group project assignment 4 (Due by 11/22)

Game Production Design (305900)
– “Mobile AR Game”  HCI Design
Fall 2010
Kyoung Shin Park
November 15, 2010

Group term project assignment – “Mobile AR Game”  HCI Design (10 points)

Human-computer interaction (HCI) is the study of interaction between users and computers. Interaction between users and computers occurs at the user interface, which includes both software and hardware; characters or objects displayed, input received from users via hardware peripherals, etc.

1. Summarize the article, “Human-Computer Interaction for Development: The Past, Present, and Future”, M. Ho, T., Smyth. M. Kam, A. Dearden, 2009.

2. Each group is going to improve the UI design document for your “Mobile AR  Game”:
-Present 5-minutes long final game scenario for your Mobile AR game
-In particular, present the user interface design for your Mobile AR game in HCI perspectives.
 o method and process for designing interfaces
 o method for implementing interfaces (e.g. software toolkits/libraries)
 o techniques for evaluating and comparing interfaces
 o developing new interfaces and interaction techniques

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