Presentation Readings

5/25 – 김미애, 나연주, 이지윤, 박희찬, 전진 (Multiplayer Game)
o A Dynamic Area of Interest Management and Collaboration Model for P2P MMOGs, IEEE DS-RT 2008 (나연주)
o A Peer-to-peer simulation technique for instanced massively multiplayer games, IEEE DS-RT 2006 (전진)
o FreeMMG: A Scalable and Cheat-Resistant Distribution Model for Internet Games, IEEE DS-RT 2004 (이지윤)
o Cheat-Proof Playout for Centralized and Distributed Online Games, IEEE Infocom 2001 (박희찬)
o P2PSE project: partially decentralized simulation for instanced MMOGs, WSPPD 2006 (김미애)

6/1 – 이준철, 공영식, 권병걸, 조휘준, 이승재 (NVE and Applications)
o Effects of Group Synchronization Control in Networked Virtual Environments with Avatars, IEEE DS-RT 2008 (공영식)
o Coping with Uncentainty in a Location-Based Game, IEEE Pervasive 2003 (이승재)
o Virtual Distributed Environments in a Shared Infrastructure, IEEE Computer 2005 (이준철)
o Web based Collaborative Visualization of Distributed and Parallel Simulation, IEEE PVGS 1999 (권병걸)
o The MORGAN Framework: Enabling Dynamic Multi-User AR and VR Projects, ACM VRST 2004 (조휘준)

6/8 – 육성진, 송승훈, 김남길, 임종윤, 진훈범 (Tiled Display and Tabletop Display)
o Enabling high resolution collaborative visualization in display rich virtual origanizations, FGCS 2008 (육성진)
o A Survey and Performance Analysis of Software Platforms for Interactive Cluster-Based Multi-Screen Rendering, EuroGraphics 2003 (김남길)
o Lumipoint: multi-user laser-based interaction on large tiled displays, Displays 2002 (진훈범)
o Distrubuted Tabletops: Territoriality and Orientation in Distributed Collaboration, ACM CHI 2007 (임종윤)
o Collaborative Coupling over Tabletop Displays, ACM CHI 2006 (송승훈)