Final Exam

Virtual Reality (071011-1) Fall 2020 Final Exam (Due by 12/15/2020)

Dankook University, College of SW Convergence, Computer Engineering

The final exam will be a take-home exam, handed out on Wednesday December 9th in class, and due by Tuesday December 15th by 11:59 PM. Please, turn-in MS Word doc or Adobe Acrobat pdf file via e-learning. Please put your name and student ID on the exam you turn in.

This is an individual exam, to be completed without the aid of other students in the classroom. All of your answers should be in your own words using complete sentences, NOT just spitting back quotes from publications, books, lecture notes, or web pages. Answers that are direct copies of sentences from the book will NOT receive full credit. In answering the exam questions, it is crucial that you use citations of readings and outside publications that are relevant to your arguments (except the lecture notes from this class).