Final Presentation

Game Production Design (305900)
– Individual “Final” Presentation (2009/12/14)

1. 박메아리 A Solution For Navigating User-Generated Content ISMAR09
2. 손동선 Mobile Augmented Reality Based 3D Snapshots ISMAR09
3. 정한수 Webtag A World Wide Internet Based AR System ISMAR07
4. 김윤섭 Is-situ Refinement Techniques For Outdoor Geo-Reference Models Using Mobile AR ISMAR09
5. 박인희 Interactive Location-based Game for Supporting Effective English Learning
6. 임형태 Location-Based Mobile Tour Guide Service Towards Digital Dunhuang
7. 김남길 Fast Annotation and Modeling with a Single-Point Laser Range Finder, IEEE International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality 2008
8. 전진 Interactive Handheld Device-Based Guide System
9. 이진원 M-Views: A System for Location-Based Storytelling
10. 이주영 Using Aerial Photographs for Improved Mobile AR Annotation
11. 한석희 Semi-Automatic Annotations in Unknown Environments ISMAR07
12. 이준철 Toolkit for User-created Augmented Reality Games, MUM 2006
13. 육성진


Group term project assignment 4

Game Production Design (305900)
– “LBS Game” UI Design
Fall 2009
Kyoung Shin Park
November 30, 2009

Group term project assignment – “LBS Game” UI Design (10 points)

Human-computer interaction (HCI) is the study of interaction between users and computers. Interaction between users and computers occurs at the user interface, which includes both software and hardware; characters or objects displayed, input received from users via hardware peripherals, etc.

1. Summarize the article, “The Limits of Speech Recognition” by Ben Shneiderman.

2. Each group is going to improve the UI design document for your “LBS Game”:
-Present 5-minutes long final game scenario for your LBS game
-In particular, present the user interface design for your LBS game in HCI perspectives.
 o method and process for designing interfaces
 o method for implementing interfaces (e.g. software toolkits/libraries)
 o techniques for evaluating and comparing interfaces
 o developing new interfaces and interaction techniques

Group term project assignment 3

Group term project assignment 3
“LBS Game” Technical Design Document

Each group is going to have to present the design document that includes following:

-Present the title of your LBS game & the 1~2 page summary of your game
(i.e., Genre, Platform, Number of players at the same time, Game rules)
  – Platform: PDA w/GPS, iPhone, Android, NDS w/GPS
-Show all your software design documents (i.e., Software Architecture/FSMs, Interface Design, Graphics Design, Sound Design)
-Show all the game elements (i.e., Characters/NPCs, Items, Backgrounds/Terrinas, Events, Story, etc)