Finite State Machine (FSM)

Unity Gems: Advanced Tutorial on Finite State Machines

public enum EnemyStates
    sleeping = 0,
    following = 1,
    attacking = 2,
    beingHit = 3,
    dying = 4
public EnemyStates currentState = EnemyStates.sleeping;



Midterm Presentation List

2013년 10월 27일 수업시간에 개별 발표한다.

김치호SV Adamovich, AS Merians, R Boian, JA Lewis, A Virtual Reality–Based Exercise System for Hand Rehabilitation Post-Stroke, PRESENCE’05



서보일 –Frank X. Chen, Abby C. King, Eric B. Hekler,“healthifying” exergames: improving health outcomes through intentional priming, CHI’14



정동섭 – Febretti, A. ; Nishimoto, A. ; Mateevitsi, V. ; Renambot, L. ;Johnson, A. ; Leigh, J., Omegalib: A multi-view application framework for hybrid reality display environments, VR’14



문백산 –  Jia Wang ; Lindeman, R.W.,  Object impersonation: Towards effective interaction in tablet- and HMD-based hybrid virtual environments. VR’15



조용준 – Cay Anderson-Hanley Amanda L Snyder1 Joseph P Nimon1 Paul J Arciero, Social facilitation in virtual reality-enhanced exercise: competitiveness moderates exercise effort of older adults 



강수지 – Rodrigue, M. ;   Waranis, A. ;   Wood, T. ;   Hollerer, T., Mixed reality simulation with physical mobile display devices