Midterm Presentation List

2013년 10월 27일 수업시간에 개별 발표한다.

김치호SV Adamovich, AS Merians, R Boian, JA Lewis, A Virtual Reality–Based Exercise System for Hand Rehabilitation Post-Stroke, PRESENCE’05



서보일 –Frank X. Chen, Abby C. King, Eric B. Hekler,“healthifying” exergames: improving health outcomes through intentional priming, CHI’14



정동섭 – Febretti, A. ; Nishimoto, A. ; Mateevitsi, V. ; Renambot, L. ;Johnson, A. ; Leigh, J., Omegalib: A multi-view application framework for hybrid reality display environments, VR’14



문백산 –  Jia Wang ; Lindeman, R.W.,  Object impersonation: Towards effective interaction in tablet- and HMD-based hybrid virtual environments. VR’15



조용준 – Cay Anderson-Hanley Amanda L Snyder1 Joseph P Nimon1 Paul J Arciero, Social facilitation in virtual reality-enhanced exercise: competitiveness moderates exercise effort of older adults 



강수지 – Rodrigue, M. ;   Waranis, A. ;   Wood, T. ;   Hollerer, T., Mixed reality simulation with physical mobile display devices


The Positive Side of Video Games: Part III (August 28, 2012 By Dr. Pamela Rutledge)

The Positive Side of Video Games: Part III (August 28, 2012 By Dr. Pamela Rutledge) http://mprcenter.org/blog/2012/08/the-positive-side-of-video-games-part-iii/

Flow in the context of video gameplay:

  • The integration of clear goals with responsive feedback
  • The merging of action and awareness so that the player has complete, focused concentration on the task at hand accompanied by a loss of self-awareness and the passage of time
  • The sense of control and confidence

The balance of skill and challenge keeps the player’s brain aroused, attention engaged and motivation high. The acquisition of skills to meet each challenge also provides a series of mastery experiences.