Individual Assignment 3 (due by 11/03)

Design of Portable Multimedia DeviceIndividual assignment – “ICEC2011 short paper” Presentation (10 points)
Kyoung Shin Park
October 20, 2011

-In this assignment you will be responsible for presenting an ICEC2011 short paper, due by November 3th, 2011.
-Present your assigned paper in the class (10-minute presentation & 5-minute discussion)

김슬애 – An End-to-End Framework for Multi-View Video Content: Creating Multiple-Perspective Hypervideo to View on Mobile Platforms (S)
Gregor Miller, Sidney Fels, Michael Ilich, Martin Finke, Thomas Bauer, Kelvie Wong and Stefanie Mueller

김영광 – Cheshire: A Design Framework for Alternate Reality Games (S)
Alejandro Baltra

김정연 – Wisdom about the Crowd: Assuring Geospatial Data Quality Collected in Location-Based Games (S)
Sebastian Matyas, Peter Kiefer, Christoph Schlieder and Sara Kleyer

김현식 – VivoSpace: Towards Health Behavior Change using Social Gaming
Noreen Kamal, Sidney Fels, Michael Blackstock and Kendall Ho, ICEC2011

민재홍 – Gemini: A Pervasive Accumulated Context Exergame
Kevin Stanley, Ian Livingston, Alan Bandurka, Mohammad Hashemian and Regan Mandryk

박기범 – The Effect of Privacy on Social Presence in Location-based Mobile Games
Pooya Amini Behbahani and Magy Seif El-Nasr, ICEC2011

임상범 – Universal Game based on Traditional Children’s Outdoor Games (S)
Teruhisa Nakamura, Nagisa Munekata, Fumihiko Nakamura, Tetsuo Ono and Hitoshi Matsubara

조성용 – GrabApple: The Design of a Casual Exergame
Yue Gao and Regan Mandryk

조자양 – Motion-Based Games for Parkinson’s Disease Patients
Oliver Assad, Robert Hermann, Damian Lilla, Bjorn Mellies, Ronald Meyer, Liron Shevach, Sandra Siegel, Melanie Springer, Saranat Tiemkeo, Jens Voges, Jan Wieferich, Marc Herrlich, Markus Krause and Rainer Malaka

1622447061.zipgrab a reading list here

Group term project assignment2

Design of Portable Multimedia Device
-“iPad restaurant menu order application” Brainstorming
Fall 2011
Kyoung Shin Park
October 6, 2011

Group term project assignment – “iPad restaurant menu order application” Brainstorming (no paper limits)

Each group is going to have to give a presentation consisting of the following information:

-Present the name of your group
-Introduce your group members and their roles
-Present your iPad application idea
-Show all your storyboards

Summit the report (3~5 page) & presentation in class on Oct 13th, 2011.

Application Lifecycle

User touches icon on home screen
System calls main()
main() calls UIApplicationMain()
UIApplicationMain() creates instance of UIApplication
UIApplication instance loads main Nib file, sets up based on application properties
UIApplication instance goes into run loop, waiting for and forwarding events to interface elements (instances of UIResponder)
User taps home button or does another termination activity
UIApplication instance tells your delegate that the application is terminating
UIApplicationMain() exits, main() exits, process exits