1. Individual assignment: Write a report on your experience about 2-3 VR applications in VR-zone acade or VR experience room. (10/11)

2. Individual assignment: Write/present/discuss a survey report on HMD-based VR/AR applications (2~3 app) for VR shopper. (10/11)

  • 알리바바 바이플러스
  • 페이스북 스페이스 – 오큘러스리프트 기반 가상현실 쇼핑
  • 스와로브스키+마스터카드 – 온라인 가상현실 쇼핑
  • 요리왕 IKEA VR Experience 가상현실 체험 멀미왕 HTC VIVE
  • Library 가상현실 퍼즐 및 게임 – 본인의 서고를 제작 가능
  • 가상현실로 책을 읽을 때 피로하다는 지적에, 책 안의 내용에서 소리나 움직임을 추가해줌, 바람소리, 안개 등의 효과를 주는 응용프로그램 (DK2VR)  http://www.iamluciddreaming.com/260/51/day-69-books-with-embedded-virtual-experiences-evebooks/
  • eBay VR department store – 8000 products
  • Tesco grocery store – google glass-based app (read barcode  to get product information)
  • IKEA Catalog mobile AR app – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vDNzTasuYEw


1. 가상현실 분야 논문(8-page이상) 1~2편 찾아오기
2. Term Project Group 형성 및 Topic 선정해오기
3. 가상현실 게임을 체험할 수 있는 학교주변의 Arcade(오락실) 찾아오기

Paper Presentation Schedule

09/13 – Bring the article related to VR (1-2 papers)

09/20 & 제안서발표
최용재 Kim, Sujeong, et al. “Interactive and adaptive data-driven crowd simulation.” Virtual Reality (VR), 2016 IEEE. IEEE, 2016.
구성민 Uijong Ju et al, “Personality differences predict decision-making in an accident situation in virtual driving”, Virtual Reality (VR), 2016 IEEE. IEEE, 2016.

09/27 – 이서호, 박준호
이서호 Robert Xiao, Chris Harrison, Scott E. Hudson, “WorldKit: Rapid and Easy Creation of Ad-hoc Interactive Applications on Everyday Surfaces”
박준호 Larry Greunke, Amela Sadagic,”Taking Immersive VR Leap in Training of Landing Signal Officers”

10/11 – 전문가 초청 (박진호/서울대학교 융합기술연구원 선임연구원)

10/18 – 아딕말릭, 트란콩
아딕말릭 Made-to-measure technologies for an online clothing store, 2003 IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications
트란콩 Hierarchical path-finding for Navigation Meshes (HNA)

10/25 – 중간발표

11/01 – 김태형, 오명훈
김태형 C. Perez et al., “A novel approach to integrate VR exer-games for stroke rehabilitation,” 2017 IEEE Virtual Reality (VR)
오명훈 P. Rahimian et al., “Using a virtual environment to study the impact of sending traffic alerts to texting pedestrians,” 2016 IEEE Virtual Reality (VR), Greenville, SC, 2016, pp. 141-149.

11/08 – 이서호, 오명훈
이서호 Specimen Box: A Tangible Interaction Technique for World-Fixed Virtual Reality Displays 입니다.
오명훈 P. Carlson et al., “Virtual Training: Learning Transfer of Assembly Tasks,” IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics (2014): 1

11/15 – 아딕말릭, 트란콩
아딕말릭 Recognition and Mapping of Facial Expressions to Avatar by Embedded Photo Reflective Sensors in Head Mounted Display, 2017 IEEE Virtual Reality (VR)
트란콩 Visual Assembling Guidance Using Augmented Reality

11/22 – 최용재, 박준호
최용재 Friston, Sebastian, et al. “Construction and evaluation of an ultra low latency frameless renderer for VR.” IEEE transactions on visualization and computer graphics 22.4 (2016): 1377-1386.
박준호 Lele Feng, et al. “MagicToon: A 2D-to-3D Creative Cartoon Modeling System with Mobile AR”, Virtual Reality(VR), 2017 IEEE

11/29 – 구성민, 김태형
구성민 Kyle Johnsen st al, “Mixed Reality Virtual Pets to Reduce Childhood Obesity”, Virtual Reality (VR), 2014 IEEE. IEEE, 2014.
김태형 Jason W. Woodworth,  Christoph W. Borst, “Design of a Practical TV Interface for Teacher-Guided VR Field Trips”, 2017 IEEE 3rd Workshop on Everyday Virtual Reality(WEVR), 2017

12/06 – 최종발표

Term Project Schedule

Sep 13 – Formation of Term Project Group
Group1 – 박준호, 이서호, 최용재 (VR Bookstore Application – 구매 및 대여)
Group2 – 구성민, 오명훈, 김태형 (VR Cloth Shopping Application )
Group3 – 아딕말릭, 트란콩 (Google Glass AR application for convenience store users)

Sep 20 – Term Project Proposal
Oct 18 – Term Project Brainstorming & Storyboarding
Nov 1 – Term Project Technical Design Document
Nov 15 – Term Project User Interface Design
Dec 12 – Term Project Final Presentation