12/6 Term Project Final Presentation

“VR Shopper” Term Project Final Document & Presentation (Due by 12/6)

– Prepair your final presentation (in You Tube presentation format)

– The final term project report will include the information about your application, such as, the features, user interface description (including diagrams and pictures), sketches, images used in the design, various versions made during your application development.
About 30 illustrations, technical documentation (main loop, Finite State Machine, data structure, description and illustration of implemented graphic effects, description of basic algorithm, effects and methods created), etc.

– Submit the group final report (group name _final.ppt) and final report (group name _final.doc).

UI Design Document

“VR Shopper” UI Design Document (due by 11/29)

By extending the Technical Design Document of the proposed VR application (theme: “VR Shopper”), develop the UI Design Document in order to understand the entire flow of the application. Then present the UI design document on 11/29. (10~15 pages)

The UI Design Document should be designed to reflect the user-centered interaction design.

-Your Application Title
-Your Application Summary (specifying differences from similar applications)
-Hardware Platform (& Input Device)
-Software System Architecture
-UI Design (e.g. how to select and manipulate) based on Storyboard (Scene)

Term Project Technical Design Document

Term Project Technical Design Document (Due by 11/22)

Please extend Your VR/AR Shopper Application storyboarding to write the Technical Design Document and present it on 11/22.

-Your application title
-Your application summary (1-2 page)
-Software design document
+Software architecture
+FSMs (Finite State Machines)
+Input processing & interface method
+VR graphics design
+Interface design
+Items, Backgrounds, Events, etc

Pounce 게임의 마우스 캐릭터 FSM

일반적인 RPG 게임의 몬스터 캐릭터 FSM

Unity Gems: Advanced Tutorial on Finite State Machines

public enum EnemyStates
    sleeping = 0,
    following = 1,
    attacking = 2,
    beingHit = 3,
    dying = 4
public EnemyStates currentState = EnemyStates.sleeping;