Term Project

Topics: AR/VR for Human Action Recognition
Students are encouraged to work on a project related to your own area of interest.

  • Projects can be done as groups of 2~3 students (group formation by 3rd week).
  • Project proposal (10-min ppt) (4th week)
  • Project midterm presentation (15-min ppt) (7th week)
  • Project progress report presentation (15-min ppt) (11th week)
  • Final term project report & presentation (30-min ppt) (15th week)

Paper Presentation Schedule

  • 3week – 츄신 Generating Animatable 3D Cartoon Faces from Single Portraits
  • 4week – 아궁라마단 Non-isomorphic Interaction Techniques for Controlling Avatar Facial Expressions in VR
  • 5week – 민재은 Alignment of the Virtual Scene to the Tracking Space of a Mixed Reality Head-Mounted Display
  • 6week – 츄신 Virtual Reality Based Robot Teleoperation via Human-Scene Interaction
  • 8week(Midterm Paper Presentation)
      • 츄신 – Deep-Learning-Enhanced Human Activity Recognition for Internet of Healthcare Things
      • 아궁라마단 – Digital twin of an industrial workstation: A novel method of an auto-labeled data generator using virtual reality for human action recognition in the context of human–robot collaboration
      • 민재은 – Sensing Technology for Human Activity Recognition: A Comprehensive Survey
  • 9week – 아궁라마단 Walk This Beam: Impact of Different Balance Assistance Strategies and Height Exposure on Performance and Physiological Arousal in VR
  • 10week –  민재은 UnrealROX An eXtremely Photorealistic Virtual Reality
    Environment for Robotics Simulations and Synthetic Data Generation
  • 11week – 츄신 VR Facial Animation for Immersive Telepresence Avatars
  • 12week – 아궁라마단 Standing Balance Improvement Using Vibrotactile Feedback in Virtual Reality
  • 13week – 민재은 FlightGoggles: A Modular Framework for Photorealistic Camera, Exteroceptive Sensor, and Dynamics Simulation