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Paper Presentation Schedule

09/13 – Bring the article related to VR (1-2 papers)

09/20 & 제안서발표
최용재 Kim, Sujeong, et al. “Interactive and adaptive data-driven crowd simulation.” Virtual Reality (VR), 2016 IEEE. IEEE, 2016.
구성민 Personality differences predict decision-making in an accident situation in virtual driving

09/27 – 이서호, 박준호
이서호 Robert Xiao, Chris Harrison, Scott E. Hudson, WorldKit: Rapid and Easy Creation of Ad-hoc Interactive Applications on Everyday Surfaces
박준호 Larry Greunke, Amela Sadagic,Taking Immersive VR Leap in Training of Landing Signal Officers

10/11 – 전문가 초청 (박진호)

10/18 – 아딕말릭, 트란콩

10/25 – 중간발표

11/01 – 김태형, 오명훈

11/08 – 이서호, 오명훈

11/15 – 아딕말릭, 트란콩

11/22 – 최용재, 박준호

11/29 – 구성민, 김태형

12/06 – 최종발표

Term Project Schedule

Sep 13 – Formation of Term Project Group
Group1 – 박준호, 이서호, 최용재 (VR Bookstore Application – 구매 및 대여)
Group2 – 구성민, 오명훈, 김태형 (VR Cloth Shopping Application )
Group3 – 아딕말릭, 트란콩 (Google Glass AR application for convenience store users)

Sep 20 – Term Project Proposal
Oct 18 – Term Project Brainstorming & Storyboarding
Nov 1 – Term Project Technical Design Document
Nov 15 – Term Project User Interface Design
Dec 12 – Term Project Final Presentation


Auti-Sim autism treatment – This game was developed during Hacking Health Vancouver 2013 hackathon. The player navigates through a playground as an autistic child with auditory hypersensitivity. Proximity to loud children causes sensory overload for the player, impacting cognitive functions. This impact is represented as visual noise and blur, as well as audio distortion. Participants described the experience as visceral, insightful and compelling.