Term Project Technical Design Document

Term Project Technical Design Document (Due by 11/22)

Please extend Your VR/AR Shopper Application storyboarding to write the Technical Design Document and present it on 11/22.

-Your application title
-Your application summary (1-2 page)
-Software design document
+Software architecture
+FSMs (Finite State Machines)
+Input processing & interface method
+VR graphics design
+Interface design
+Items, Backgrounds, Events, etc

Pounce 게임의 마우스 캐릭터 FSM

일반적인 RPG 게임의 몬스터 캐릭터 FSM

Unity Gems: Advanced Tutorial on Finite State Machines

public enum EnemyStates
    sleeping = 0,
    following = 1,
    attacking = 2,
    beingHit = 3,
    dying = 4
public EnemyStates currentState = EnemyStates.sleeping;