Presentation schedule

Presentation schedule

3/29 방지웅 The Design and Evaluation of Multi-Finger Mouse Emulation Techniques, CHI 2009
3/29 김성철 Improving drag-and-drop on wall-size displays, GI 2005

4/05 조휘준 A Multiscale Interaction Technique for Large, High-Resolution Displays, 3DUI 2009
4/05 조흥목 Interaction Techniques for 3D Modeling on Large Displays, I3D 2001

4/12 박범준 C-Slate: A Multi-Touch and Object Recognition System for Remote Collaboration using Horizontal Surfaces, TABLETOP 2007
4/12 김선용 Ninja Cursors: Using Multiple Cursors to Assist Target Acquisition on Large Screens, CHI 2008

4/19 최종혁 Empirical Evaluation for Finger Input Properties In Multi-touch Interaction, CHI 2009

5/10 이진홍 Ubiquitous Graphics: Combining Hand-held and Wall-size Displays to Interact with Large Images, AVI 2006
5/10 최희경 What’s “This” You Say? The Use of Local References on Distant Displays, CHI 2009
5/10 김규억 Effects of Tiled High-Resolution Display on Basic Visualization and Navigation Tasks, CHI 2005

5/24 김남수 Interaction Between Small Size Device and Large Screen in Public Space, KES 2006
5/24 박정서 A Natural User Interface for Immersive Architectural Walkthroughs, 3DUI 2009
5/24 최원석 Measuring the Effect of Gaming Experience on Virtual Environment Navigation Tasks, 3DUI 2009

5/31 김기연 3D Spatial Interaction with the Wii Remote for Head-Mounted Display Virtual Reality, 2009
5/31 윤광열 Move to Improve: Promoting Physical Navigation to Increase User Performance with Large Displays, CHI 2007
5/31 원진철 A Remote Control Interface for Large Displays, UIST 2003

6/07 공영식 Integrating Point and Touch for Interaction with Digital Tabletop Displays, CG&A 2006