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Paper Presentation Schedule

09/12 – 유경환 User-evaluated Gestures for Touchless Interactions from a Distance

09/26 – 서기영  CGLXTouch: A multi-user multi-touch approach for ultra-high-resolution collaborative workspaces (FGCS10-CGLXTouch)

10/10 – 이남형 Extended Multitouch: Recovering Touch Posture and Differentiating Users using a Depth Camera (UIST12-ExtendedMultitouch-p487-murugappan)
10/10 – 유경환 ZeroN: Mid-Air Tangible Interaction Enabled by Computer Controlled Magnetic Levitation (UIST11-p327-lee)

10/17 – 임창재 Cross-Device Interaction via Micro-mobility and F-formations (UIST12-GroupTogether-p13)
10/17 –  김향중 Cooperative Gestures: Multi-User Gestural Interactions for Co-located Groupware (CHI06-Cooperative Gestures)

10/24 – 다삼 (Multi-User, Multi-Display Interaction with a Single-User, Single-Display Geospatial Application)
중간 발표 (Research Survey)

10/31 – 유경환 FingerGlass: Efficient Multiscale Interaction on Multitouch Screens (CHI11-fingerglass)
10/31 – 서기영 Visualization of High-Resolution Image Collections on Large Tiled Display Walls (FGCS11-342)

11/07 – 김향중 Ubiquitous Cursor: A Comparison of Direct and Indirect Pointing Feedback in Multi-Display Environments (GI11-205-xiao-Ubiquitous Cursor)
11/07 – 임창재 A Scalable Distributed Paradigm for Multi-User Interaction with Tiled Rear Projection Display Walls (VIS10-A Scalable Distributed Paradigm ….)

11/14 – 이남형 The Mirror Between Two Worlds : Multitouch-Multiuser Interaction for 3D Digital Objects and Environments (IGI13-Mirror-Surface-eCHNG-vFM)
11/14 – 임창재 ARC-Pad: Absolute+Relative Cursor Positioning for Large Displays with a Mobile Touchscreen (UIST09-ARC-Pad-p153-mccallum)

11/21 – 다삼 Mid-air Pan-and-Zoom on Wall-sized Displays (CHI11-midair-panzoom)
11/21 – 김향중 Visual Separation in Mobile Multi-Display Environments (UIST11-p451-cauchard)

11/28 – 서기영 Giga-stack: A Method for Visualizing Giga-Pixel Layered Imagery on Massively Tiled Displays (FGCS10-gigastack)
11/28 – 이남형 FlowBlocks : A Muti-Touch UI for Crowd Interaction (UIST12-FlowBlocks-p497-block)

12/05 – 다삼
최종 발표