Proposal due by 10/31

Project Proposal (Initial Design)
Title (e.g. VR attention)
Study Objective (e.g. effects of orienting student’s attention in interactive VR)
  + Detailed Objectives (e.g. analysis of stimuli that affects student’s attention
                                       & analysis of user attention using EEG, GSR, etc)
Study Background (Related Work) & Hypothesis (e.g. attention will be different by guided search task vs unguided exploration task)
Experimental Design ( e.g. within-subject study or between-subject study)
  + Subjects (e.g. 12 students)
  + Tasks (e.g. unguided vs guided task) etc (e.g. with vs without stimuli)
  + Independent Variables ( i.e., conditions/factors)
  + Dependent Variables (e.g. completion time, error)
  + Apparatus (e.g. CAVE system vs HMD system, etc)
  + Procedure (e.g. pre-test survey -> training -> relaxation -> unguided task -> relaxation -> guided task -> post-test survey)
  + Evaluations (e.g. interview, survey, EEG data, etc)
Expected Results & Why?


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Chord Keyboard

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Graffiti (Palm OS) Handwriting Recognition System

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