Term Project1

Design of Portable Multimedia Devices (448460)

– iOS Quantified Self Movement Application –

Fall 2015

Kyoung Shin Park

October 5, 2015


Development of iOS Quantified Self Movement Application (40%)


  • Projects can be done as groups of 1- or 2-students.

-Students are encouraged to work on a project related to your own area of interest (idea brainstorming, related work survey)


  • Term Project Proposal Report & Presentation (10/12)

-Proposal Presentation (10 minutes) & 2~3 page Report (single-space, 10-point font)

-It includes project group name, project conceptual design, brainstroming, design document, development plan, member roles, etc.


  • Term Project Midterm Progress Report & Presentation (11/2)

-Midterm Progress Presentation (10~15 minutes presentation & 5 minutes Q&A) and 2~3-page Report (single-space, 10-point font)

-It includes application contents, development method, system architecture, detailed module specification, member roles, main functions, user interface, etc.

-Submit the TermProject-Midterm-GroupName.ppt & .doc onto online.dankook.ac.kr


  • Term Project Implementation
  • Term Project Progress Report

-Your group project blog will also help monitor your steady progress across the semester


  • Term Project Final Report & Presentation (12/15)

-Final Presentation (20~30 minutes presentation & 10 minutes) & 10-page

report (single-space, 10-point font)

-It includes application contents, execution method, system architecture, implementation details (source code), user interface design and usability evaluation, term project critique, group members evaluation, etc.

-Submit the TermProject-Final-GroupName.ppt & .doc onto online.dankook.ac.kr


  • The final project demonstration will be evaluated based on the following criteria:


-GUI design (graphics)


-Online help, configuration, etc

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